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A report from Doug Brendel to all who support or follow New Thing in Belarus...


Even kids with medical issues have that age-old impulse...

“Let’s put on a show!”

At Porechya, it’s a hilarious, heartwarming story of ... well, we’re not really sure


With Oleg & Oleg, from our “Response of the Heart” team, scheduled to visit the boarding school for children with medical issues at Porechya,

the teachers and students decided to make a musical and dramatic presentation.


“Backstage,” the actors await their cue.


The event begins with a welcome, introductions, and musical numbers.


The drama unfolds.


The kids are very expressive actors!


The plot thickens. There’s pulling.


And more pulling.


And even more.


And the moral of the story is...? Well, it’s in Russian.


And closing numbers round out the show!


Thank you to all the friends of New Thing who gave to provide water fountains and a water purification system — and now a washing machine and a security system — for the children and workers here at Porechya.

More adventures to come!


Thanks for journeying with us!

Much love,

Doug Brendel


(Photos by our beloved friend and photographer Oleg Yarovenko.)


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