Here’s the story ... in a nutshell



How to launch the biggest humanitarian aid operation in a former republic of the USSR in 5 easy steps:


1.  Chernobyl nuclear power plant explodes on the Ukrainian border; wind blows
much of the radiation into Belarus, the next country to the north. (1986)


2.  Soviet Union dissolves; the West is now free to bring humanitarian aid into Belarus
to help care for children with radiation-related medical problems. (1989).


3.  Photographer Kristina Brendel (the blonde in the middle of all those kids) volunteers
to document the humanitarian aid distributions for fundraising purposes;
she falls in love with Belarus and its people. (1991).


4.  Her husband Doug Brendel (at right) falls in love with Belarus, too.
The Brendels take an apartment in Minsk, the capital city, and form
the U.S. charity “New Thing” to help the people of Belarus as much as possible.


5.  Best way to help: Enable Belarusians to help Belarusians.


New Thing provides 100% of the funding for “Otklik” (“Response of the Heart”),
originally headed by the late Liudmila Kozovaya (at right), and still guided by a strong team including Lydia Danielevna.


Their tiny staff brings tons of donated food and goods into Belarus and distributes the aid to the needy
through dozens of orphanages, children’s shelters, boarding schools for disabled children, hospitals and clinics,
prisons and juvenile detention centers, soup kitchens for the homeless, and more


Response of the Heart is now the largest humanitarian aid operation in the Republic of Belarus, thanks to the generous supporters of New Thing in the U.S.


Thank you for journeying with us!