New Thing is your love in action, inside the former Soviet Union


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A report from Doug Brendel to all who support or follow New Thing in Belarus...


Sometimes, love is



The technical term may be “humanitarian aid”...

But for those who need it, it’s true love.


A baby arrives. A day of joy! But there’s no money for a baby carriage.

Friends of New Thing to the rescue!


Generous friends, giving to New Thing, provide 200+ tons of aid every year to people in Belarus who need help.


In the month of May alone, 3 massive shipments of aid arrived in Minsk.

Every item has to be unloaded, stored, and scrupulously documented.


It’s hard physical labor, conducted by our “Response of the Heart” team and volunteers.


A German organization sent nearly 12 tons of aid, including nearly 9 tons of clothing, shoes, and bedding, 5 electric ranges, 9 washing machines, 44 mattresses, a clothes dryer, 2 fridges, 5 sewing machines, 20 bicycles, 176 pounds of dishes, and more.


A bicycle isn’t just for fun. In many parts of Belarus, a bicycle is crucial transportation.


Friends of New Thing gave generously years ago to acquire two huge shipping containers to serve as our warehouse.

What can’t fit into the warehouse goes into the basement of a nearby church.


The pastor, Anatoly, has faithfully served as our “Response of the Heart” warehouse manager for years.

He’s one of the hardest-working people in Belarus.


Anatoly’s daughter Vera is the newest member of our “Response of the Heart” team, carefully documenting cargo to meet government regulations.


Our beloved Lydia Danielevna, who originally conceived New Thing’s partnership with “Response of the Heart” 20 years ago, connects each piece of aid to the individual, family, or institution where it’s most needed.

But remarkably, she’s also often found at the back of the truck, helping with the physical labor as well.

Everyone helps — including Lydia Danielevna’s son Sasha.

Meanwhile, the proficient Elena P. has joined our team to help coordinate all of our work in Belarus.


Americans with family inside Belarus can send donated goods designated specifically for their relatives via an Oregon-based charity.


This single shipment included more than 14 tons of clothing, shoes, bedding, coffee, tea, and pasta — more than $23,000 worth.


Hardy volunteers from another church in Minsk process these packages, ensuring delivery to each recipient.


Another German group sent 2 trucks with 13-1/2 tons of goods, including 12 tons of clothing, shoes, and bedding — and 1,300+ pounds of dishes.


They also sent 6 wheelchairs, 18 mattresses, 3 baby carriages, 11 bicycles, a boiler, 3 wheelchair toilets, 7 beds, and 6 playpens.


Thank you to every generous soul who donates to share these gifts with people in need all over Belarus!


More adventures to come!

Thanks for journeying with us!


Much love,

Doug Brendel


Photos by our dear friend Oleg Yarovenko


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To send a check by snail mail — New Thing, 403 Linebrook Road, Ipswich MA 01938

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