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More than words...

What Can You Say?


“I love you.”

You can say the words easily.


Some of these children can’t.


Nearly 150 children with profound speech disorders — including 45 orphans — live in this boarding school, in the town of Vileyka, in Belarus.

Their problems with speaking come from various sources: brain damage, hearing impairment, etc.


Each child’s program of care and education has to be tailored uniquely to his or her situation.



Speech therapy is such a huge focus in their early years that by 4th grade, they’ve attended school 5 years.


This is the music class. They sang a song for me! You can watch the 70-second video here.

Knowing that these children struggle to speak properly, their presentation of this song is a triumph!


The goal is to give every child the tools they need to function as an adult in society: to work, to marry, to parent, to live.


The staff work hard to make the place pleasant, but the classroom building is 90 years old; the dorm building is from 1958.


The bathroom facilities are especially bad.

When “The Great Kozovaya” and Lydia Danielevna first saw them, they insisted that I come back with them and see for myself.


I would not want my own children having to use toilets like the ones I saw there.


Would you help New Thing buy new toilets, and maybe sinks, for the children at Vileyka?

It’s an odd idea, perhaps, for a Christmas present, but I know the children and the workers would be thrilled.


A new toilet costs $117.94. Maybe you could give $58.97 and I’ll combine your gift with someone else’s to provide a toilet.

Or give $54.58 to provide a new sink.


In such a huge facility, there are multiple bathrooms.

I’m just hoping we can provide maybe 3 new toilets and 3 new sinks.


What do you think?

I hope to hear from you soon.


More adventures to come!


Thanks for journeying with us!


Much love,

Doug Brendel



Photos by Oleg Yarovenko


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