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A report from Doug Brendel to all who support or follow New Thing in Belarus...


When you have no wheels, this is

The Car of Your Dreams!


Why is this woman smiling? Didn’t she just get ripped off?


On the contrary. She directs a shelter for abused and abandoned children, on the outskirts of Minsk.

And until now, even getting to the grocery store was complicated, let alone a trip to the doctor or the hospital.


This car was graciously donated by the Belarus Dept. of Education — a remarkable affirmation of the good work happening in this shelter.

The vehicle is a 2008 Skoda, a Czech brand very common in Belarus.


Over these 20 years, on Belarusian roads, I’ve laughed at the Skoda logo and called it the “crazy chicken.”

Well, today I’d say, sometimes you’re grateful for a crazy chicken!


The car is working well. You can see a brief video here.

Most of the repairs needed are cosmetic (although I’m sure an oil change will also be in order).


Still, it’s a lot of work. In the U.S., the rust-repair would cost thousands of dollars.

In Belarus, the entire job will be just $1500. But for this children’s shelter ... impossible. As impossible as buying a car.


New Thing has given aid to this shelter before. (An archived report, here.)

I told director Elena I would ask you to help her.


If just 30 of us give $50 apiece, we’ll meet the need. If 20 give $75, or 15 give $100, we’re there.

Maybe you could give more, maybe less.

Whatever you give will make a difference!


With your help today, this starts to look like a beautiful machine,
ready to take the road and do some good work!



(Rough translation: We love “Response of the Heart!”)


More adventures to come!

Thanks for journeying with us!


Much love,

Doug Brendel


Photos by our dear friend Oleg Yarovenko

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Thanks again!