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Radiation vs. Recreation

Getting children STRONG!


For a child of Belarus, this is a whole new world — they call it Kamp Planeta, roughly translated “Planet Summer Camp.”

Here, hundreds of children from around the country spend portions of their summer away from the ordinary routines of home.


Maybe the most important guests are kids from the Gomel region.

Gomel was hardest hit by radiation after the Chernobyl nuclear disaster.


Radiation levels are still extremely high — and radiation is hard on kids’ immune systems.

Even a few weeks away from the irradiated areas can strengthen a child’s ability to fight back.


Generous friends of New Thing have made tremendous improvements to this camp over the years.

“The Great Kozovaya,” our humble “Response of the Heart” team leader, visited director Elena (at left) and took a look at the latest acquisitions.


This summer, New Thing outfitted a new “clubhouse,” including dorms with 40 beds, a comfy common area, complete bathroom and shower facilities (with warm pipes for drying wet clothes), toys, and more.

“I never saw anything like it!” Kozovaya said.


New Thing also helped equip a terrific gym, a game room, and more.


Among the kids’ faves: trampolines, compliments of New Thing.


Kozovaya’s visit happened to be “Homeland Day.”

The children used chalk to write the names of their hometowns on a huge sidewalk-map of Belarus.

Kozovaya grew up in a rural area of the Vitebsk region (in the north of the country), so she wrote its name: “Forest Lakes.”


 “Homeland Day” featured plenty of contests, cultural events, and fun activities.


Kozovaya couldn’t resist!


More adventures to come! Thanks for journeying with us!


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