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An urgent need for

children’s BEDS


Here are a couple photos from the children’s area of the hospital at Shumilina, Belarus.


You can see the wire mesh that substitutes for springs. And how thin the mattresses are.

The cabinets have been pieced together over the course of decades.


This little guy was delighted to have visitors, and to show us the place where his new little sister will sleep.

You and I wouldn’t want to put our own newborn here. New cribs would be a huge blessing.


A new bed or crib is only $84.93. A couple of our friends will provide two beds if you give one — up to a total of 21 beds and cribs.

If the total need is met and we have extra funds, we’ll provide a little cabinet for each child’s possessions, plus a visitor’s chair.


For years to come, whenever a child of this region has to go to the hospital, your “Christmas gift of 2017” will be a gift to them.

I hope to hear from you soon! Thank you in advance!


Much love,

Doug Brendel


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