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A report from Doug Brendel to all who support or follow our New Thing ministry in Belarus...


When a grownup harms a child...

Your love heals


Children abused or abandoned by their own parents come here, to the shelter at Zhodino.

Friends of New Thing have faithfully supported the workers here for more than a decade.


Every time we visit, we bring laughter and joy, fruits or sweet treats, sometimes toys.

And we pray that the number of children needing shelter will be smaller.


This week, thank God, there were only 6 children in care.

They’ve suffered unspeakable trauma — but this is a place of refuge.


The children are safe, warm, well fed. The workers (forever camera-shy) pour their lives into the kids.

Even so, some little ones are simply terrified of strangers.


I offered free on-the-spot portraiture services.

Long-time assistant director Alla Viktorievna did her diplomatic best to affirm my talent.


It’s beyond my imagination how an adult could bring harm to one of these beautiful children.

But we have the privilege of helping new director Julia Vasilievna and the professionals on her staff to provide for the children, work to rebuild the family, or if necessary, move the child to a foster or adoptive home.


I was shocked to hear that Karina is a champion weight-lifter (capable of lifting barbells at 150% of her own body weight over her head).

She was eager to arm-wrestle me. I realized I would have to go easy on this delicate little 13-year-old.


Then, of course, I learned the truth.


It didn’t take her long to kill me.


But Karina’s strength reassures me that, if we give a child a place of security and love, they can grow strong.

They can face life’s pressures. They can learn the power of love.


This, I think, is what you’re accomplishing, through your generous support of New Thing.

Thanks for journeying with us!


More photos to come.

Much love,

Doug Brendel


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