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A report from Doug Brendel to all who support or follow our New Thing ministry in Belarus...



Stand up straight

Scoliosis doesn’t stand a chance here!



They come from all over the region, about 200 children at a time, to this boarding school in Molodzyechna, about 45 miles from the Lithuanian border.


Ages 8 to 15, they’ll spend anywhere from two months to a full school year here, being treated for curvature of the spine and other bone-related problems.


Director Vladimir (left) is one of the cheeriest institutional leaders I’ve met in Belarus.

He and his upbeat staff of 150 provide 24/7 care to the children in their charge.



As you can imagine, head doctor Sergei is an important guy in this place.

At right: therapeutic massage — a crucial component of treatment for scoliosis.



Lots of physical therapy facilities here. “The Great Kozovaya” did better on the leverage machine than I did.


No ordinary desks — standard chairs are no good for a child with curvature of the spine.

These kids use “bed desks” that take on various forms as needed.



The crazy American wanted to try them out — I think this kind of invasion was a first for these kids.


The faculty provides a complete educational regimen for the children; the school is highly regarded.

One sewing-class student made a stuffed turtle — and presented it to me as a gift.



Super-talented kids! They put on a big concert for us.



This school teaches firefighting! The troop stood and treated us to their rousing theme song.



The art teacher guides the children into pretty impressive creations ... much of it made from “found items.”



But there are hidden problems here. The children sleep on thin mattresses over plywood.

Some of the “bed desks” are extremely old and creaky, too.


I’m hoping someday we’ll be able to help this school.


More adventures (and photos) to come!

Thanks for journeying with us!

Much love,

Doug Brendel



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